TV Projects


In 2008, Cheryl was asked to host a TV Special based on her work called "The Magic Within". She also became the producer of the project and is currently considering new ideas for uplifting media projects.

J. M. from N
ew Jersey says:

"These programs are GREAT!! There is no proselytizing (as most self-improvement tactics require: you should….you shouldn’t, etc).  It is just a practical accounting of the results people are getting from how they think about their life, achieve their goals, and stay well in the world!  Cheryl is a wonderful interviewer, whose questions and profoundly sincere manner open up a deep level of sharing with her guests.   I loved it!   The great message here is to look inward in loving observance of who and what you are in the context of an infinite loving power."

THE MAGIC WITHIN: Live Studio Audience

Cheryl Brown addresses studio audiences and answers their questions (sample clips).

THE MAGIC WITHIN: Cheryl Interviews Leslie France

Cheryl Brown talks with Leslie France from The Monroe Institute about how she connects with higher intelligence to make decisions and the practical miracles that continue to fill her life (28 mins.).

THE MAGIC WITHIN: Cheryl Interviews Carla Quenneville

Cheryl Brown talks with Carla Quenneville, owner of Les Fabriques, about how important belief, faith, & joy have been in her business success (28 mins.).


Cheryl produced the pilot for the TV show Animal Possible starring animal wrangler Miriam Fields. Cheryl's two celebrity dogs, Sunshine and Sugar, were featured on the show.  Sunshine and Sugar have appeared with Amy Poehler on the nationally televised Kennedy Center Honors: Mark Twain Awards, and appeared in a national TV commercial for Cato Women's Fashions, as well as doing various modeling work.


Cheryl has participated in numerous productions at the following TV stations:

MCM Montgomery County Public Access TV, Maryland
CPATV, Charlottesville, VA
Fairfax County Public Access TV in Virginia


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