Management Consulting

Cheryl works with your management team to design and implement strategies that bring the ongoing magic of Inspired Success to every level of your organization. The focus is on making improvements that stick. Cheryl draws from her years of experience with a wide array of methods, tools, and resources, including custom designing in-house and off-site programs, helping you fine tune your marketing and branding, policy and structural considerations, personal sessions for team members, creating an inspiring work environment, etc., to accomplish your goals and stay within your budget. 

In today's world, branding, videos, social media and your online presence can provide significant opportunities for allowing expansive success.  Cheryl will work with you to develop your most effective branding, including videos and the training needed for your own in-house video talent and video production. 

Personal Consulting

Life is constantly offering us the option of rising to our next level. That means something different for each of us in each new moment.  With Cheryl as your personal consultant, you will discover how to better access your unique abilities and wisdom as you move forward through all circumstances. Cheryl works privately with top executives, individuals, couples, and families. 

For many professionals, cultivating their ability to communicate and shine through informational and inspirational videos is a key component of their expanding success. Cheryl will work with you to bring out your message and authenticity through videos, and then share those videos in the most effective ways.

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